30 Minutes to Make the News


Stepping into the rehearsal studio is always an invigorating experience. It is a raw look at the artistic process as ideas are formed, tested, distilled, and discarded. It is also a space with high tension and raw nerves.

For these videos, I need to prove their value in order to earn future support.


It was a month from the world-premiere and the only assets at my disposal were some vague copy and static images. I knew I needed to generate content to share on through emails, social media, and across campus.

The Constraints

Time in the studio is limited, and costly, so I was only given an afternoon to capture the rehearsal process, and thirty minutes to interview Artistic Director Brenda Way on her lunch break.

To complicate the situation, I was relatively new and unproven. I knew that I needed to create something leadership would value in order to gain more access and resources.

The Conclusion

Within those constraints, I was able to tease out a series of short videos that touched on the themes of the work and gave insight into the artistry. Additionally, both the artistic and administrative leadership enjoyed the end result and was given more resources and greater latitude to create additional content.

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