Signature Cocktails

DIY craft cocktail videos to complement Madison Opera’s digital programming.

Opera audiences have a well-earned reputation for enjoying a cocktail or two. So, when the state of Wisconsin went into lockdown it made sense to complement Madison Opera’s digital programming with a signature cocktail.

In collaboration with Maduro Cigar Bar and Lounge in Madison, I went on location to direct and shoot a cocktail recipe that complemented Madison Opera’s Opera Up Close Cocktail Hour round table discussions.

The series highlighted the casual, quirky, and social aspects of opera, emphasizing the unique personality of the host and not taking itself seriously. It also generated an opportunity for Madison Opera to show support for local businesses directly affected by the stay-at-home order.

With the arrival of winter and rising cases of COVID-19 the series was cut short, but the recipes continued to be included as part of the digital programming.