A series of music videos that paired performers with iconic locations across the city.

When COVID-19 shuttered theaters Madison Opera pivoted quickly to digital programming with a series of recitals, lectures, and roundtable discussions. While Madison Opera’s digital programming successfully captured the musical side of opera, it was still missing the transformative drama that happens in a theater.

With that in mind, I proposed to the General Director a series of short films, like music videos, that blended a narrative with a vocal performance.

Thinking of the project as love letters to Madison we filmed on location in various arts and cultural organizations across the city, pairing local artists with a repertoire that was appropriate for the location.

Each video was given a unique treatment, with the concept emerging from a conversation between myself, the principal artists involved, and the General Director. I scouted the location for each video, created a shot list, directed each scene, operated the camera, and edited the pieces before publishing.

The video series was well-received, delighting and connecting supporters of both institutions and the videos have continued to earn views for over a year since their release.

Because of their success, Opera Postcards have been incorporated into Madison Opera’s season, with funding from donors earmarked specifically for the project.