Highlighting and empowering a community of performers.

The leading roles onstage at any regional opera company like Madison Opera are usually comprised of itinerant professional singers — independent contractors brought in to perform a specific role. However, the core of any large production is the chorus.

From students to seniors, the chorus are dedicated community-based performers that take time away from their regular jobs and commitments to rehearse and perform. In exchange, they receive a small honorarium and the ability to share their love for the art form.

For Madison Opera’s 2023 production of The Marriage of Figaro I wanted to highlight the chorus as well as give them tools to help promote the performances.

During the first dress rehearsal, I set up a seamless backdrop with lighting in a dark corner of the theater and invited the chorus to stop by. Over the course of an hour, I took over 400 photographs of a dozen choristers in unique poses.

The resulting images were edited, branded, and distributed to the performers the next day to share on their social media. Additionally, I created a short-form vertical video compilation of the photos. The images and video were shared on social media and had the highest level of engagement from the campaign.