Talking Heads

Quick and fun artist interviews that introduce and inform the audience for an upcoming Madison Opera production.

The principal cast of Madison Opera productions often consists of itinerant professional artists that travel from across the globe to stage an opera. They arrive three weeks from the opening night and jump right into rehearsals. Because of their limited time in Madison, we need a quick turnaround for content marketing.

Since the production has not taken shape yet, the talking head interview is the perfect way to generate content to introduce the audience to the cast and characters and inform them about the themes and narrative.

The interviews are scheduled back to back, with only 15 minutes each. The conference room is converted to a studio for the interviews, with lighting to compliment the branding for the specific opera. To speed the process up, the questions are sent in advance and there is a quick discussion before recording.

As a whole, the interviews often reveal recurring themes present in the piece as well as the artist’s own contemporary thoughts on the work. The interviews are edited together in a way to give context to the viewer; enticing them to learn more and purchase tickets to the performance.